A Contest of Prophecies - Available August 10th!

A Contest of Prophecies, book four in The Citadel of the Last Gathering, will be available on Kindle August 10th - you can pre-order it now. A paperback version will be released around the same time (give or take a few days).

It picks up right where we left off at the end of A Unique Sickness of Spirit - on a stolen airship circling the world. I think those of you who have read the earlier books will really like this one. As for the rest of you... what are you waiting for?

A Contest of Prophecies: The Citadel of the Last Gathering, Book 4
Not even history can withstand the vastness of time. 
In streets blackened by soot and the shadows of airships, their names were legend. But if they want those stories to survive, Alaji, Phaesha, and Yemerik will need to craft a prophecy that will last for eons.

They’ll need to travel back to a time of dragons, knights, and castles and forge an alliance with a man destined to be king. They’ll need to start a war that will kill thousands and conquer a nation to create a past that matches the future they left behind.

But theirs is not the only prophecy. A spirit has followed them back through time, and it will not rest until Alaji is destroyed. Their war in the past masks a grander contest between forces striving to reshape all of time.

A Contest of Prophecies is the fourth book in The Citadel of the Last Gathering, a time-travel fantasy series following a young woman from an era before history journeying across millions of years, exploring a world of evolving magic.