The Citadel of the Last Gathering Series

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The Citadel of the Last Gathering

A Count of Five
Book 1: A Count of Five

Available in paperback and for Kindle

A spell stolen from the gods; a journey beyond the end of time.

One for the gods of our people, Two for the plants they seeded into the earth, Three for the animals they gave gifts of magic, Four for the men who serve the gods, Five for the spirit that sustains everything.

Five numbers. Five gods. Five spells for men and five for women. Five ages before the end.

Since history began, this knowledge has defined the world for Alaji’s people, who live along the shores of five holy lakes. But now an army has ridden out of the north led by a powerful and cunning warlord. This, Alaji is told, could mark the end of the last age. The end of men and of time itself.
Alaji has more to fear than invaders. She has learned the five spells of women. But she knows one more: a spell beyond those given to mortals. A spell that that gives her power over time.

To learn a spell of the gods is to challenge them. If discovered, the penalty is death. But harnessing such power may allow Alaji to save her family, or may start her on a journey ranging farther than they could have ever imagined.

A Tide of Ice
Book 2: A Tide of Ice

Available in paperback and for Kindle

A New Land. A New Gate. An Age of Steel and Blood.

Alaji has seen impossible wonders and faced incredible dangers in places beyond imagination. She has already traveled in time over a thousand years, but she is about to learn that is less than a heartbeat in the life of the world. To reach the Citadel of the Last Gathering, her journey will need to take on a far grander scale, one where geology changes like the seasons, where nothing is constant.

Now she finds herself in an era where imperious wizards create powerful monsters and unleash them upon the lands of their enemies. But these threats may be nothing compared to the men and women who are able to thrive in such harsh times.

A Unique Sickness of Spirit
Book 3: A Unique Sickness of Spirit

Available in paperback and for Kindle

They've traveled a hundred thousand years to a land that has forgotten its history... yet they are expected.

With a single step, Alaji, Phaesha, and Yemerik left the era of wizards, glaciers, and monsters. Now they find themselves in a city where spirits are enslaved, vampire lords command vast wealth, and wars are waged with alchemical weapons.

Some view them as saviours prophesied to overthrow a corrupt system; others consider them criminal anarchists. The wrong word or action could have dire consequences for the people of this time and could place the three travelers in incredible danger.

There are things here that could claim more than their lives – every moment puts their sanity and very souls at risk.

A Contest of Prophecies
Book 4: A Contest of Prophecies

Available in paperback and for Kindle

Not even history can withstand the vastness of time.

In streets blackened by soot and the shadows of airships, their names were legend. But if they want those stories to survive, Alaji, Phaesha, and Yemerik will need to craft a prophecy that will last for eons.

They’ll need to travel back to a time of dragons, knights, and castles and forge an alliance with a man destined to be king. They’ll need to start a war that will kill thousands and conquer a nation to create a past that matches the future they left behind.

But theirs is not the only prophecy. A spirit has followed them back through time, and it will not rest until Alaji is destroyed. Their war in the past masks a grander contest between forces striving to reshape all of time.

A Sea of Sky
Book 5: A Sea of Sky

Available in paperback and for Kindle

The horizon is broken; earth and sky are one.

Alaji and Yemerik arrive in a world where the remnants of old empires are scattered to the winds. Survivors have rebuilt on islands suspended over a world of unimaginable danger.

They are seeking a fellow time traveler, hoping he will help them restore the fractured timeline and return Alaji to her home in the distant past.

But even if they find him and win his help, there are obstacles beyond the sea of sky. Revelations and betrayal will force Alaji to confront questions and doubts she's long avoided. After everything she's seen and experienced, does she still want to return home?

A Layer of Ash
Book 6: A Layer of Ash

Available in paperback and for Kindle

Betrayed and alone, Alaji flees from a force beyond time. If the Citadel finds her, they will take her past, her memories, and her very self.

After escaping death at the hands of giants in the era of floating islands, she goes in search of a place to rest and regroup. And in a small village in a quiet era, she believes she's found it. The town of Hilleleah reminds her of the home she can't return to. Its people are kind, if simple, and they offer aid freely.

But the longer she remains, the more she'll uncover about the secrets they hide. And she'll soon question whether there is any time in history that's truly safe.

Alaji the Witch
Book 7: Alaji the Witch

Available in paperback and for Kindle

Three years have passed since Alaji left Hilleleah. Under the tutelage of the witch Danwin, she has learned to brew magical elixirs and fly through the air. Now all of time lies before her, and even the most dangerous enemies have reason to fear her.

Yet fears of her own infect her dreams. The battles she fought and friends she lost left wounds not easily healed. After years spent merely surviving, Alaji can now consider what she could accomplish with her power and knowledge.

And the moment she'll have to decide who and what she wants to be is fast approaching.

The Hut at the Towering Oak
Book 8: The Hut at the Towering Oak

Available in paperback and for Kindle

Even a time traveler cannot pursue two destinies.

She saw him die, and yet Oadeth lives. His presence offers Alaji a chance at a new future, one with friendship and happiness, perhaps even love.

That fate lies before her – if she wants it.

Because another path awaits, one etched in riddles she has glimpsed but never solved. One stretching throughout time and beginning at the Hut at the Towering Oak.

Alaji can be anything she wishes, but she has only one life. The choice before her may tear her apart.

The Hut at the Towering Oak
Book 9: The Weaving Spell

Available in paperback and for Kindle

Alaji's journey takes her to the world's last day

At the edge of time, there is a place unlike any other, a massive Citadel where history, magic, and reality itself can be sculpted into infinite forms.

After years of adventures, Alaji reaches the Citadel of the Last Gathering. She carries artifacts and magic collected from her journeys through time, and all are rendered useless before the unimaginable power of this place.

But she carries something else, as well: a story gathered from all of history, a story of its wonder and beauty, of its horrors and atrocities. 

It's a story woven with a secret at its heart – a secret that could rival even the might of the Citadel.