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For as long as I can remember, fantasy and science fiction were part of my life. I was practically raised on Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. Growing up, even Santa Claus had a wizardly connotation (in case you were wondering where this came from).

When I was about twelve, I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons. The game's setting felt natural to me; a hell of lot more so than middle or high school. As the years went by, I gravitated towards narrative-heavy games and complex characters. It's not the only thing that pointed me towards writing, but RPG's were certainly an influence.

In 1998, I went to Hampshire College, where I concentrated in philosophy and creative writing. It was a fantastic experience: I took numerous classes in mythology, religion, and cognitive science. Altogether, it was as great a primer for writing genre fiction as I can imagine. As if that wasn't enough, I also met my wife, Lindsay Stares, while I was there.

After we graduated, we spent two years in DC, seven in New York, and finally moved to Seattle in 2012. Before you ask: no, it doesn't always rain. The climate's mild year round, at least compared to New England, and the Pacific Northwest is easily the most beautiful place I've ever lived.

Since writing doesn't pay the bills, I work as an analyst, which I also find sharpens my critical thinking skills. Would I like to write full-time? Sure, but not many people make it into that club. If this remains a side-venture, I've got nothing to complain about.

Almost everything I write is genre, but there's quite a bit of room within those boundaries. I've written everything from grounded science-fiction to space opera, magical realism to epic fantasy... and everything in between, around, and crossing over those categories. I like fiction that's about something meaningful, but I hate feeling like I'm being preached to, even if I agree with the message. That's a tough balance to strike sometimes, but my goal is always to create something that's entertaining and substantial, without hitting the reader over the head with morals or messages.

Other Blogs and Websites:

Mainlining Christmas: My wife and I work on this seasonal project every year. The goal is to experience Christmas as intensely as possible, sort of a celebration of the holiday in all its horror. We've seen hundreds of Christmas movies and specials, reviewed dozens of books, and gone searching for the strangest elements the season has to offer. Whether you love Christmas or hate it, this is something you should check out.

The Middle Room: My oldest blog, sort of a geek-centered look at movies and pop-culture. These days, the majority of posts are movie reviews.

The Clearance Bin and Toy Remix: In addition to everything else, I'm an avid toy collector. These two sites contain hundreds of reviews of action figures, toy cars, and other assorted collectibles, along with several humor pieces. If that's something that might interest you, feel free to have a look.

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