Age of Ultron and a pile of Comics

The first weekend of May is something of a festival for those of us living the geek lifestyle. For more than a decade now, there's been a Marvel movie opening on Friday and Free Comic Book Day on Saturday every year.

This time, the movie was a mixed bag. Avengers: Age of Ultron was equal parts awesome and disappointing, depending on whether you're focusing on the crazy fights or the failed attempts at developing character arcs. I tried focusing on both and wound up dizzy. You can read my full review over at The Middle Room. I've also got a post up looking at some of the structural problems and opportunities connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Free Comic Book Day, on the other hand, was just awesome. We stopped by Dreamstrands and Comics Dungeon in Seattle, as well as Subspace Comics in Lynnwood. All three went all out with sales, a generous offering of free issues, and creator signings. This definitely felt like the largest FCBD since we moved to Seattle.

I picked up a bunch of T-shirts, a toy bat-copter, and some trades, along with the aforementioned free issues. Not a bad start to summer, all things considered.

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